The Battle of Yavin was merely the first salvo in a great battle. Our heroes, propelled by destiny into the jaws of an epic conflict, have risen beyond their humble beginnings and now fight with the REBEL ALLIANCE. Sent to reinforce the vital base on ARDA I, our heroes have seen a temporary lull in the fighting. But THE EMPIRE, while perhaps humbled by the destruction of THE DEATH STAR, still commands awesome might. It will not be long before its gaze again turns to this lonely desert planet…

Accepting the call to arms, for their own reasons, our intrepid heroes have turned their hand towards aiding the nascent REBEL ALLIANCE.

Across the sprawling galaxy, beneath the shadow of the Empire, there are cracks; places where the hand of the law does not reach. For some, these are places of freedom; for others, they are dark and dangerous places. It is here, at the Edge of the Empire, that our protagonists exist. Traders, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and Thieves. Trying to stay one step ahead of their enemies with eyes planted on the next score.
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