Star Wars - The Struggle Continues

High Moon on Serra Lone

For a few credits more...

Having fled to the outer rim, our noble band have crash landed on the desolate moon of Serra Lone. Discovering a dying group of renegade storm troopers, they learned of the simple code – THX-1138 – before the last survivor expired. That was shortly before the arrival of TUK’KO, a garrulous Aqualish bounty hunter. Tuk’ko proposed joining forces, however, Matwe convinced him that they knew nothing of value. This was shortly before coming under fire from a sniper. A flurried exchange ensued.
Meanwhile Kaa’to managed to escape from his captors. They pursued him into a Rebel ambush. They Rebels captured them all, placed Kaa’to in protective custody but let our heroes leave.
Returning to town, they met ANGELLIUS VANCE, who approached them to make a deal. He had extracted the location of a graveyard, where the treasure was likely to be located. He knew they had further clues as to the specific location.
As a distraction, they decided to blank out communications from the local Imperial outpost. After a daring raid, they have managed to flee, chaos in their wake.
Contacting the local rebel forces led by COLONEL VYKO, our brave team convinced them to mount an attack on the local Imperial outpost, and then convinced the Imperial forces to repond. This left them able to advance, unimpeded, to graveyard, where they were able to locate the grave of THX-1138. Unearthing the body, they found a metal cylinder hidden in his chest cavity. The encryption was of such magnitude that it was unable to be hacked, even by
It was at this moment that Tuk’ko returned. Incensed by the character’s apparent treachery, he opened fire on them. In the midst of this firefight, Angellius turned on the characters before being subdued. They finally talked Tuk’ko down from killing them.
So they managed to make a deal – Angellius would return with enough evidence to fake their deaths, cooling off the heat from the Black Sun, while Tuk’ko agreed to come along for a share of the eventual profits from the mysterious canister.


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