Star Wars - The Struggle Continues


After retrieving a mysterious cylinder from the corpse of Stormtrooper THX-1138, our dashing rogues travelled to the Bothan sector to unravel the mysteries of the enigmatic device. Jovel’s Uncle, the garrulous VARUN, provided access to the fabled BOTHAN SPYNET. Jovel succeed in cracking some of the security surrounding the cylinder but in the process alerted Imperial authorities.
After a hastily organised retreat, our intrepid heroes ventured to IOX-7, a remote asteroid trading post. There, they met with TAVOS, a man representing secretive benefactors. He offered a tidy sum for information. But before the handover could be completed, the station was attacked by a merciless foe, intent on the wholesale destruction of the base. Antique yet deadly commando droids assaulted the station, killing all in their path. A desperate escape has been attempted – fleeing out of the destroyed base into the harsh vacuum of space, pursued by a mysterious figure with unearthly abilities.
Fleeing the moon base, our gallant protagonists managed to evade their fearsome opponent ion the vacuum of the asteroid. Fighting their way to the landing zone, they managed to flee ahead of the Commando droids pursuing them.
With the aid of Tavos, they rendezvous with a corellian C-90, and an eminent figure – senator Bail Organa.


ReubenMcCallum ReubenMcCallum

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