Star Wars - The Struggle Continues

Prison Break

The Search for Steve

After the devastating defeat and evacuation of Arda I, our team on intrepid heroes (or is that “heroes”) were approached by Harl Bess to launch a desperate (and unauthorised!) rescue of Lieutenant Moondancer. Using a Lambda class shuttle with scrambled IFF codes, (and after a few adventures with “creative requisitions”) our heroes were taken aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. After impressing a docking agent with his time honoured “Imperial Officer” routine, these bold adventurers recovered their R5 astromech and the location of Lieutenant Moondancer in the Nigkoe detention facility. After knocking out the docking agent, a daring plan to escape was effected. However, a malfunction in the timers led to a premature detonation of the “requisitioned” thermal detonators required a desperate plan to escape the disintegrating Star Destroyer. Our heroes managed to get away by the skin of their teeth.


ReubenMcCallum ReubenMcCallum

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