Star Wars - The Struggle Continues

The Battle of the Gauntlet

When Empires Attack!

Our Heroes, having fallen in with the rebel cause, find themselves on ARDA I, a lonely desert planet in the Gordian reach, where a secret rebel base supports the activities of the rebellion. It is a safe harbour for those seeking relief from the crushing grip of The Empire.
While on a routine patrol in the desert, our heroes discovered a mysterious communication device operating on an encrypted frequency. Not long after this, they spotted probe droids and the distant silhouettes of Imperial Star Destroyers. Hurrying back to base, avoiding pursuing tie fighters, our heroes volunteered for a desperate rearguard action to slow the oncoming imperial forces and prevent them from overwhelming the base before a successful evacuation could be enacted. While Lieutenant Moondancer and his trusty R5 droid took to the skies to battle the oncoming air assault, the remaining heroes fought their way through the tunnels of Arda Base, encountering a buried menace – an ancient winged reptile, aroused from its hibernation. Some stayed to battle the beast, while others ran on. Trey Essek fought the beast lizardo-e-lizardo before it rocketed him into the sky, launching him into the desperate dogfight taking place in the skies above. Meanwhile, our remaining heroes managed to reach the explosives above a landbridge. A carefully timed blast managed to destroy a pair of AT-AT’s, although one made it into the Gauntlet. Trey Essek managed to wrap his squamous foe around one of the tie fighters before being rescued by the aerial maneuvers of Lt Moondancer, who returned to base. Now the Rebel force face a desperate struggle to evacuate before being encircled and entrapped by the forces of the Empire…


ReubenMcCallum ReubenMcCallum

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